• 10 technology trends to watch in the COVID-19 pandemic

    5 technology trends to watch for during the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated 10 key technology trends, including digital payments, telehealth and robotics. These technologies can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus while helping businesses stay open. Technology can help make society more resilient in the face of pandemic and other threats. During the COVID-19 pandemic,...

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  • 5 Advantages Of a Smart Home

    5 Advantages Of a Smart Home

    As the South African industry matures, smart homes are set to become increasingly prevalent. Here are five advantages of a smart home… The smart home market has been delayed in South Africa due to internet bandwidth constraints. But, with the launch of fibre and increased affordability of internet packages,...

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    Davide Piscitelli hacks his google home assistant to fulfill its dream of singing with Stevie Wonder

    Davide Piscitelli has reversed the roles between human and artificial intelligence by taking the task of helping his google home realize its dream, which is none other than to sing a duet with stevie wonder. with the rise of personal intelligence assistants (PIAs) challenging the concept of what constitutes being human,...

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  • MyPlace Smart Home App

    Smart Home Benefits

    Smart homes may make life easier and more convenient. Who wouldn’t love being able to control lighting, entertainment and temperature from their couch? Whether you’re at work or on vacation, the smart home will alert you to what’s going on, and security systems can be built to provide an...

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  • How Smart Homes Work

    How Smart Homes Work

    When you’re not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television? With a Smart Home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick...

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    The Future of Smart Homes

    According to Statista, the future of smart homes is exciting – there will be around 31 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, and that number is supposed to grow to 75.4 billion by 2025. Nowadays, both industrial and commercial infrastructure are being outfitted with IoT technology, powered...

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  • Smart Home and Home automation products

    Your Home: A million pieces of joy (Home automation)

    For those just starting out on the road to a Smart Home or home automation, there’s a unique joy that comes from the first time the devices do their smart thing: something between amazement, wonder, and the feeling that a door has just opened to a new dimension of...

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  • Future Smart Homes

    What Will Smart Homes Look Like 10 Years From Now?

    It’s 6 A.M., and the alarm clock is buzzing earlier than usual. It’s not a malfunction: the smart clock scanned your schedule and adjusted because you’ve got that big presentation first thing in the morning. Your shower automatically turns on and warms to your preferred 103°F. The electric car...

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    Making the Switch to the Smart Home – 3 Distinct Advantages

    We already know how much convenience and efficiency have been brought to our lives by smartphones – and smart homes are the next logical step. What we want is to make our lives more comfortable, more convenient, more glamorous and yet simpler. The luxury we relish from the benefits...

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  • Introducing Sunset

    Introducing Sunset: The Smarter Way to Wind Down

    Are you ready to hear about the third and final new feature of our MyLights Smart LED Light System? We’ve already introduced you to MyTime and Scheduling and now we’d like you to meet Sunset. Read on to find out how this function can benefit your home from both...

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