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How MyAir and MyLights Adds Value for Builders

As a builder, you’re always looking for ways to take your offers to the next level for the client. So why not include MyPlace Africa’s smart LED lighting and premium air conditioning management systems to your next home renovation project? With nearly a third of homeowners believing that a property with connected technology is worth more than one without, adding smart technology to your home renovation will not only differentiate you from your competitors, but help you reach more potential buyers in the renovation market.

As the demand for homes with smart products rises, MyPlace Africa have created a smart and innovative solution in a class of its own that’s ready to futureproof your client’s home. We understand that comfort is being able to control your air conditioning, lights and home life in the one place. So take your renovation projects to the top of the pack by saying hello to the connected home. Read on to find out why we think you should use MyLights and MyAir as a builder for amazing results that drive investment.

Sets you Apart from Other Builders

Human beings crave comfort, convenience and control. So when it comes to our homes, we expect the design and layout of our living space to help us achieve this. By adding MyAir and MyLights to your next project, you will gain a competitive edge over the marketplace by giving your client full control over their air con and lighting system in one easy to use solution.

Our MyLights smart LED lighting system gives your client the comfort and security of being able to control their lights from anywhere. Now, they can monitor which lights are on, turn everything on or off with a single tap of the hub or app, or dim their lights to suit the situation.

Then for added convenience, MyLights has also been developed to integrate seamlessly with MyAir – our premium reverse cycle air conditioning system with up to 10 zones and individual airflow control. Using the MyPlace touchscreen or app, it’s easy for your client to tailor the temperature of every room to their idea of perfect comfort, save favourite settings and save energy.

And when you work with MyPlace Africa you’re working with local teams, with our offices based right here in South Africa. This means you can always get hold of someone to help you with your install and ensure your client has easy access to after-sale care that they can rely on. So for hands-on service that won’t let you or your client down, choose MyPlace Africa for your client’s next home renovation.

Savings for Your Customer

Not only do smart products make our lives easier by allowing us to control the way our home runs, they’re also extremely energy efficient. So when you choose to work with MyPlace Africa, you’re helping your customer save money in the long run by choosing to renovate or build with you.


Generally, LEDs (at 100% brightness) are much more efficient than halogen lights. In fact, LED lighting is up to 80% cheaper to run than halogens. And if you want to dim your client’s household expenses by a further 40%, MyLights comes with the MyEco function.

With the ability to turn down your lights using a simple 10 to 100% scale, your clients will barely notice the difference in the room light, but will see a big drop in their power bill. The table below shows just how much your clients can save using the MyEco dimming function:
Mylights LED Cost Savings


See further savings with MyAir’s optional motion sensors that can detect when a room has been empty for 10 minutes and automatically adjusts the temperature by 1 degree. Then if the room is still empty after 20 minutes, the temperature is adjusted by 2 degrees. This small adjustment reduces the room’s energy usage by 20%. Then, when you return to the room it will return to your original target temperature.

Your client can also section off areas in the house known as zones so they can heat or cool only parts of the house in use. With up to 10 different zones, this will allow for more precise control over the heating and cooling of their home. In fact, one of our clients measured this at between 20 and 40%, proving the significant savings you will see on your energy bill with MyAir.

Innovative Technology is the Way of the Future

Smart home technology is one of the most significant new trends in digital innovation. So help your clients say goodbye to the days of manually turning their air conditioner and lights on and off and hello to the way of the future: the smart home.

Dispelling misconceptions about smart systems being too expensive and therefore unattainable, MyLights and MyAir also cost substantially less than other systems. So now, South African families can say hello to an affordable smart system that is well within their budget thanks to MyPlace Africa.

MyAir and MyLights can be easily installed during the construction process and the technology can also be retrofitted to existing single storey homes, making it ideal for renovations.

Help your customers open the door to a smart home by adding MyAir and MyLights into your next new home renovation project. Contact MyPlace Africa today.