MyMonitor – Another Innovation by MyPlace

Enhance your smart home with MyMonitor and make your everyday life even easier.

Our new MyMonitor Control Module can sense changes in motion, temperature and light in and around your home, giving you more control than ever over your home.

MyMonitor enhances your existing MyAir or MyPlace “Scenes” and “Events” features by adding new “Conditions” based on motion and light sensitivity, these are easily setup through the apps, with no special home automation programming needed.

The MyMonitors feature gives you the option to set “tasks” to run automatically on your MyPlace or e-zone app when specific weather events happen in your area. The weather events that can be monitored are suburb temperature and if the forecast is for clear and/or sunny skies.

Monitoring these events means that you can now set your MyAir or e-zone control system to turn on your air con when a pre-set temperature is reached in your area. If you have MyPlace you will also have the option to open or close window blinds or have an alert to let you know when the conditions are best for you to run your solar panels.

You can either set your monitors to automatically run the set tasks when an “event” is triggered or you can set it to send you an alert to notify you that an “event” is occurring and you can choose to remotely activate the task set for this event. What does this mean? It means that you are always connected and in control of your home.

Monitors can be set to operate during specified times each day and with up to 20 Monitors available on each unit there are plenty of ways to look after your home.

How MyMonitor Could work for you.

Running a bit late?
MyMonitor will let you know when your family is home; so if you’re running a little bit behind time you don’t need to worry. When MyMonitor detects motion at the front door you will receive a notification on your smart device letting you know what time they arrived home. You can relax knowing they are home safe and you don’t need to rush.

Checking on Nanna
With MyMonitor you will know that your elderly loved ones are up and about in the morning going about their daily routine. With a motion sensor in the kitchen, or other room of choice, you can receive a notification to your smart device letting you know that there has been motion or no motion detected in that room. The notification can include a phone number that you can click to call your loved one directly or other chosen contact. With this simple addition to MyAir or MyPlace everyone will have peace of mind.

Energy Saving
With MyMonitor you can manage the energy your air conditioning system uses. Based on your suburbs weather conditions and the temperature inside your home, you can create a set temperature point. Once your system reaches this point it will transition into fan mode and save energy by not conditioning the air, maintaining your comfort while saving money on your energy bills.

Who’s there?
See who has come into the house after dark – they won’t be expecting all of the lights to go on! Feel safe and secure any time of day or night using MyMonitor. Early to bed? Activate your entry or halls lights and receive a notification to your mobile device when motion is detected late at night. Helping to light the way for family & friends returning from a night on the town or scaring away that uninvited visitor.

Now you have a few more reasons to get MyPlace!