The time to thoroughly understand IoT for home automation is now

The time to thoroughly understand IoT for home automation is now

As the smart home market sees growing investments and continues to mature, we also see an uptake of ever more smart home automation applications, each designed for a specific audience and some going mainstream regardless of the context of the owner.

Typical examples of such increasingly mainstream applications: home security and anything with regards to energy efficiency and savings. A typical example of a specific home automation solution that is poised to grow in a context of the drivers of IoT in healthcare: IoT-enabled solutions for the physically less mobile (among others aging populations), disabled or chronically ill (with for instance remote health monitoring and air quality monitoring).

In an interview on the evolutions in light and room control Commeignes forecasts that we are moving towards endless applications in a home automation context. IoT will simply be a game changer here.

However, as the few examples above show it’s clear that, depending on the type of application, partners with different expertise are needed. The opportunities for integrators and also niche players are huge. You can imagine that smart energy management, the many aspects of light and room control and niche solutions in areas such as healthcare require other skills.

It is one of many reasons why companies, integrators and contractors who are active in one of the several types of applications today need to get up to speed when it boils down to the Internet of Things.

When professional home automation and even integrated building automation solutions start converge and move from today’s mainly luxury, security and comfort environment to more applications and connected solutions, market opportunities arise. Do note that we are not talking about today’s fragmented ad hoc popular smart home solutions which are important, often mentioned yet rather isolated and even rarerly present in a true smart home context. On the other hand, these solutions and applications are part of the overall acceleration growth of home automation and smart home applications that is upon us in the coming years. And it’s not as if there is no room for individual connected smart home devices, well on the contrary. Yet, as we’ll tackle there will be more multifunctional applications too.