Future Proof With MyPlace!

Why Future Proof your home? And how can MyPlace help?

We are currently living in quite volatile and unpredictable times. We need to put some serious thought into how this pandemic we are currently facing, will affect us in the future. We, at MyPlace have always spoken about the benefits of future proofing your home. According to Private Property:

The question around the pandemic’s impact on the property market is an important one, as the real estate market is keenly affected by the overall health of the economy, consumer confidence, and levels of employment in particular, which means that major disruptions in other sectors will have at least some impact on the property market.

Having said that, property tends to be a far more resilient investment type than most. In recent days we’ve seen equities being significantly affected, while property has remained fairly stable.

Earlier this month CNBC reported that residential real estate in the US appeared to offer investors the calm they were looking for in the coronavirus storm. Traditionally, property is far less volatile than the stock market and has a high tangible asset value. Irrespective of the impact the virus has on society, people will still need accommodation, which offers a measure of security in terms of a property investment holding ground in times of turmoil. What’s more, property is an asset class with supreme resilience and a unique ability to “bounce back” as market conditions improve.

The prevailing market conditions too – the so-called buyer’s market – are further reasons to not shy away from property investments in the time of Covid-19. A buyer’s market – a situation where the supply of property exceeds the demand for property – bodes well for those looking to purchase property since prices are generally lower in this type of market.

And the Solution to this?

MyPlace has introduced a concept of future proofing. With most smart home system, the hardware, like the remote, switches, and other hardware components become outdated and software updates are available for a limited period.

The Myplace system is designed with limited hardware. This means minimum points of failure. All updates on the MyPlace system is free for life. You will also have access to new features that are released. Your home will always have a fresh updated Smart home system which makes it even more appealing should you decide to sell.