LED bulbs shine brighter

Why LED light bulbs shine brighter than halogen light bulbs

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights are the most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. They’re small, solid light bulbs that offer the smartest solution for illumination. Because of this, they’re quickly becoming the preferred way to light the home. In fact, household penetration of smart LED lighting in South Africa is at 1.6% in 2018 and expected to hit 5.4% by 2022.

While this percentage isn’t extremely high, it still proves that South Africa’s adoption rate of smart lighting is on the up. Providing us with many additional advantages over their incandescent counterpart, it’s clear that LEDs are here to stay. Read on to find out MyPlace Africa’s top 6 reasons why you should get over to the light side today.

LED: Lights of the future

1. Longer life

How many South Africans does it take to change a light bulb? Only one every 7-15 years if it’s an LED bulb. That’s right – one of the fantastic benefits of LED light bulbs are their extended lifespans and lower maintenance requirements. Designed to operate for an average of 30,000-50,000 hours, you can expect your LED bulbs to last you up to 7 years with constant usage and 15 years with normal usage before you need a replacement.

In comparison, a typical incandescent lasts approximately 1,000 hours – that’s up to 50 times less than an LED! So why is this? Unlike incandescents and halogens, LEDs don’t “burn out” or fail, they merely dim over time. This is because less than 10% of the power used by incandescent bulbs is actually converted to visible light, with the majority of the power converted into infrared or radiated heat instead. So with their longer operational life, LEDs can save both time and money resulting in lower costs and higher reliability in the long run.

2. Energy efficient

If you’re looking for a way to light your home for less, LEDs are the most energy efficient option. For starters, they’re 80-90% more energy efficient compared to incandescent lights. While incandescents lose 80-90% of their energy as heat (which also means they’re only 10-20% efficient), LEDs are packed powerfully with sufficient energy and need about half the amount of electricity to run.

So with their significantly reduced energy consumption, if you fit your entire house out with LED lights, you’ll find it’s a worthwhile investment. In most cases, LED lights functioning at 100% brightness are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen alternatives. Take the graph below for example. Here’s how much energy your home would save based off 60 lights running for 1.5 hours per day:


Light Saving

3. Cheaper costs

Based on their energy efficiency and longer life, LEDs are also the cheaper choice. Initially, LEDs can seem expensive compared with other lighting options, but the initial cost is offset by their lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. LED lights pay for themselves in the long run and you’ll begin to see a reduction in your utility bill month-on-month after installing them.

4. Environmentally friendly

If you want to go green and reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third, LEDs are the way to go. Firstly, unlike neon lights they don’t contain any toxic compounds or elements of mercury that may cause harm to the environment. Secondly, the fact that they last for such a long time means they save on materials. And thirdly, they’re 100% recyclable. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly light bulb, choose an LED.

5. Durable quality

Another great feature of the LED light bulb is that they’re made tough. Without the filaments or glass enclosures found with traditional lighting, LEDs are breakage resistant. Instead, they use a tiny chip exemplified in an epoxy plant enclosure, which makes them far more robust. Their sturdy materials and components can also stand up to harsh weather, shocks, vibrations and abrasion, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor lighting.

6. Design flexibility

LEDs are one of the most versatile lights on the market. They can be placed and combined in an infinite number of ways to produce efficient and controllable illumination. The colour, shade, brightness and distribution of light can be controlled to perfection, which makes for not only technically useful lighting, but also soothing, uplifting and energising mood lighting.

Introducing MyLights

Just when you thought LEDs couldn’t provide you with any more amazing advantages, they do. Bonus benefit: Intelligence. LED lights are the smartest way to light your home and MyLights is a shining example of a smart LED lighting system. Here’s some of the reasons why our MyLights shine bright:

  • Cost savings: MyLights costs significantly less than other smart home systems available on the market.
  • Power savings: MyLights are incredibly energy efficient, saving you electricity and therefore money, despite the never ending Eskom tariff increases. Saving up to 80% on your energy bill with MyLights, you’ll never fear your utility bill again.
  • Dimming options: MyLights gives you the ability to turn down your lights using a simple 10-100% scale, saving you money in the long run. That means when you turn down your lights to half of their illumination capacity you’re consuming virtually zero power. See the table below for how much you can expect to save using the dimming function.
  • Complete control: MyLights come with a choice of LED white light options so you can customise the lighting in your home to suit you. So whether you’re after a clean crisp bright light or a warm cosy glow, you’ll always be seen in your best light with MyLights.
  • Match your mood: MyLights can be adjusted to suit your mood. Turn down the lights to transform your bathroom into a spa retreat or dim your dining table overheads to create a cosy dinner party – the options are endless.

Mylights LED Cost Savings

Make the switch today, made easy by installing MyLights. Have a chat to the MyPlace Africa team for more information.